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About Us

The Parkman Post is a student-run organization, based out of St. Mark’s School in Southborough, MA. The organization was founded in January 2016.

Mission Statement

The Parkman Post is a blog founded and run by driven, passionate students who write about pressing issues and events in the world. We look to research and synthesize information to craft our own articles, so others do not have to do the work. We hope to inform our readers and have them reconsider their views by carefully expressing our opinions and evaluating both sides of an issue. It is our hope that The Parkman Post will exist long after our graduation and become an established and respected group at St. Mark’s.

Our Writing Philosophy

As busy students, sometimes we must rely on the work of other sources to inform ourselves and to be accurate. We look to use as many sources as we can and put them through a funnel to pick out the most important or interesting facts, which we then use to create a concise, informative article. Where applicable, us editors try to carefully introduce our personal opinions into articles so as to provide a unique personal perspective, but do not hesitate to include information that counters our opinions. We look to help the reader create their own opinion by presenting everything they need to form an opinion while not forcing anything on them.